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To Smile without Hesitation

Smile is a universally known expression of happiness, which is recognized by all cultures around the world. Moreover, smiling has a positive effect on your well-being too. A smile can brighten up not just your day, but of others around you as well.

When you smile, there is a very good chance of your mood changing for the better. Smile tricks your body into changing your mood. When you smile, people see you as beautiful, relaxed, and calm. A smile can spread love, warmth, and cheer to those around you. In fact, studies have shown that smiling often cuts down anxiety during stressful situations, with a rush of feel-good endorphins.

However, some are too embarrassed to smile in fear of others noticing their not so gorgeous teeth. Did you know that a healthy set of teeth is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a great source of confidence in one’s self? Smoking and excessive consumption of carbonated drinks along with poor oral hygiene can often stain your pearly whites permanently, depriving you of all the joy of smiling. You would try the whitening formulas, strips and other commercial solutions, but you may end up damaging the enamel. Most of the conditions are reversible if you consult a good dentist in North Sydney before it is too late.

Wondering how to get those crooked teeth fixed once and for all? Is the empty space between your teeth bothering you? Do you have to keep deleting the photos of yourself because of your smile? Just make an appointment with the (best?) dentist in North Sydney who has years of experience in handling complex cosmetic dentistry. Implants, bridges and Invisalign are only some of the many solutions that a good dentist can offer you.

Are you shying away from visiting a dentist due to financial shortages? Worry not! You can now easily find an affordable dentist in North Sydney who can offer you reasonable payment options so that you can smile once again without hesitation. Invisalign, dentures, bridges and other dental procedures are more affordable now. If you really want that smile to last longer, make sure that you keep up regular check-ups and never miss a recall for periodic cleaning of your teeth.

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The Importance of Recalls for Maintenance and Prevention of Gum Disease

Do you find blood on your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth? Do you find your gum line receding by the day? It is very likely that you are suffering from the gum disease, also known as periodontitis. A whopping 20% of Australian adults have gum disease and may not even realise it. If identified earlier, the damage could be reversed, but once the gums and the teeth within begin to deteriorate, you can only limit the damage with regular dental treatments.

When you undergo treatment for gum disease, it is important to maintain regular appointments with your dentist. Usually, a dentist would recommend a recall every three or six months throughout the year, and it is very important that you comply, because it is found that the bacteria causing periodontitis repopulates around the gums and burrow down the gum pockets three months after every cleaning.

The cleaning process involved in the treatment of gum disease is more complex than the normal cleaning due to the spaces and crevices formed in the teeth from bone loss due to the bacterial infection. You should consult a reputed dentist who has the right experience in handling gum disease treatments. If you are living in Sydney, you can go to a good dentist in North Sydney, who can assess your dental and medical history, and examine your gum condition. An experienced dentist in North Sydney would explain to you the severity of your condition and motivate you to follow the recommended oral hygiene necessary to manage it.

Go to the (best?) dentist in North Sydney, and keep track of your dental conditions regularly. You may be advised to undergo sessions of scaling, root-planing and other dental cleaning procedures at every recall to prevent the gum disease from recurring. The recall intervals not only depend on the growth rate of the gum disease bacteria, but also several other factors like the age of the patient, the severity of the gum disease, how well the patient keeps plaque under check, and whether the patient has some health conditions that will get in the way during the procedures.

However, the maintenance procedures can be quite painful if done by an inexperienced dentist. It is very important that you have this done by an experienced dentist who has the right skills to administer the right doses of anaesthetics, especially if you have a sensitive teeth, because even the softest scrape can be very excruciating on sensitive teeth.

You must keep in mind that the treatment for your gum disease will not be of any benefit if you fail to keep up with the recalls for maintenance sessions. Even though, every recall for dental maintenance appointment may seem tedious, it can actually keep your teeth and gums healthy longer.

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Are your breaking teeth making you feel like you’re falling apart?

Kb-Village-Dental-Bad-Teeth-200x300Do you suffer from breaking teeth problems? It is very likely that it is caused by the amalgam filling that you had years ago. Amalgam fillings, also known as “silver” fillings have been used for over a hundred years by dentists all over the world to fill a decaying tooth to protect it from further damage. What they never tell you about is the hazardous metallic composition of the dental amalgam and the long term effect it has on your tooth.

A dental amalgam is an alloy of multiple metallic elements like mercury, tin, silver, copper and other metals. This has been the most widely used dental restorative material around the world.

These metals present in the amalgam become unstable over time and undergo corrosion, releasing a number of harmful metallic compounds, which disturbs the integrity of the tooth. Also, since the fillings are made of metals, they expand and contract with change in temperature inside the mouth, and over time, it results in the breaking of the tooth and further decay. The cracks that develop can cause severe nerve pain and in some cases can split the tooth in half! Over the years, more and more dentists have come up with strong opinions against the use of amalgam fillings. Even the WHO has taken a stance against the use of mercury in dentistry, which was very remarkable, because there were many who vehemently supported the use of amalgam fillings.

Now, you can set yourself free from the risky amalgam fillings, as there are a number of non-toxic alternatives available with any affordable dentist in North Sydney. If you go to a reputed (or reputable?)  dentist in North Sydney, you can get your cracked and broken teeth fixed in a single sitting with amazing tooth-coloured ceramic fillings that aredurable and have no harmful effects. The biggest complaint from patients is that they are embarrassed to laugh with their unsightly silver amalgam fillings. With composite porcelain fillings, you would not notice any sign of filling, and you can confidently laugh aloud once again.

If you have amalgam fillings that are causing your teeth to break, make the decision right away to switch to safer alternatives that are available with every good dentist in North Sydney. If your dentist recommends a dental filling, make sure that you choose an alternative filling material like ceramic (porcelain) or composite resinthat are both safer and aesthetically pleasing.