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When Is The Right Time To Take My Child To The Dentist?

The first year of a toddler’s life is an incredible period of discovery and exploration. Parents are often overwhelmed at how to go about bringing up their first-born. Time flies and you do not know when it is time to visit the paediatrician; make appointments with the doctor, etc. There is so much going on that it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. Eventually, most of us find it difficult to know the right time for the right dental care for our little one. You know you want to give your loved one the best dental care, but you are not sure how.

There are a number of recommendations online on when a first visit should happen and it simply adds to the confusion. However, as a parent you should know that in a baby, the teeth begin to form in the second trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, proper dental care should start before a baby’s first tooth appears. This is regardless of whether you can see the teeth or not. Moreover, the reason behind such an early visit is to learn more about the child’s oral health and how to best care for their needs before a problem occurs. If you are a resident of Sydney, an early visit to a reputed dental clinic in North Sydney will help you understand better how to clean  your child’s teeth and the recommended amount of fluoride. These visits can help you learn good oral care habits and also how to pass them on to your child.

For a virtually pain free dentistry experience in North Sydney for your kid, make sure the dentist has a reputation of being child and parent friendly, and well-experienced in the oral health care of young kids. Always go to the best dentist in North Sydney who is trained in handling an extensive range of issues associated with kids’ dental health. This way, he can teach you about the proper use of fluoride, oral habits that consist of finger and thumb sucking, ways to put a stop to accidents that could cause injury to the face and teeth, assess your child’s jaw growth etc. Once the first visit is over, the dentist will help you plan and schedule the next visit depending upon the child’s needs and risks. Remember, healthy teeth don’t just happen overnight, they are a result of carefully planned dental care.