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In the event of a Dental Emergency contact
KB Village Dental on (02) 9964 9166

When you experience a dental emergency, it can be very distressing. You don’t want to wait hours for proper treatment, you want the problem to be sorted out quickly, and done right.

Emergency Dentistry at KB Village Dental means we treat a large variety of oral health problems. These include toothaches, broken teeth, lost fillings, and knocked-out teeth, all issues which face bigger complications if left untreated.

Toothaches can be caused by a multitude of reasons, and generally can only be fixed by the dentist. Broken teeth can become infected if left exposed over a period of time, and meanwhile, can be very sensitive to air and temperature.

At KB Village Dental Dr Evan will ensure patients who lose a filling or break a tooth are seen to as soon as possible, to reduce the likelihood of complications or infection caused by exposure to the exposed area. Before you attend your appointment, you should avoid eating on the side of the mouth where the lost filling/ broken tooth has occurred.

Finally, if you have knocked a tooth out- place the tooth in milk or a clean sealed container. DO NOT store the tooth in water. Present the patient with the tooth to the dentist as soon as possible following the incident.

We take emergency dentistry on the North Shore very seriously, and stand ready to help our patients in need. The friendly staff at KB Village Dental will endeavour to book you in for a Dental Emergency Appointment on the same day that you phone. The only exceptions are Tuesday and Sunday.

If you require emergency dental treatment, call KB Village Dental on (02) 9964 9166.