Smile Makeover

Have you not envied the sparkling white smiles of movie celebrities? Have you not wondered what the secret behind their award-winning smile is? Well, with good dentists in North Sydney, it is no longer a forbidden fruit for the residents of Sydney. Teeth whitening is not a celebrity luxury anymore; and it is available for everyone today. The best part is that the clinic only takes an hour or so, and you can walk out on the same day with a beautiful, white, shiny smile. Daily, your teeth are subject to many types of stains from the foods and drinks you consume. However, with a professional clean and polish and the latest teeth whitening technology, an expert dentist can help you eliminate these discolourations on your teeth.

Are you feeling self-conscious about your smile because of any of the following?

We have some options for you!

  • Bad breath We can offer you a Hygiene visit to clean the calculus from your teeth and to discuss ways to keep the bacteria levels to a minimum.
  • Yellow or stained teeth We offer chair or take-home teeth whitening.
  • Crooked teeth Dr Evan is an accredited Invisalign provider who can correct a misaligned tooth or straighten your entire smile.
  • Chipped, fractured or unsightly teeth Veneers are an excellent option for an instant smile makeover.

Is a Smile makeover right for you?

At KB Village Dental, we believe every patient and smile has a unique story, situation, and desire. Every day in our North Shore practice, we meet people uncomfortable with their smiles. No one needs to go through life feeling self-conscious about their teeth. Together, we can create a plan that works for you and enables you to have that smile you’ve always wanted and a smile that you’ll be confident to show the world.

A young man and woman smiling while the woman hugs his back

Your Smile is Important

Toothache and such related conditions are terrible for anyone to face. It takes away your smile till you find the right dental clinic in North Sydney. When your teeth are fine and well-maintained, your smile shows that same confidence. When you have concerns with your teeth, it clearly shows even without opening your mouth. But you are not the only one who gets affected by this. This will make you feel good that the best dentists in North Sydney are concerned about your smile more than just the teeth. Whatever your concern, gums teeth, cavities, improper alignments of teeth, etc., they have solutions for everything. So, next time, do not hide your smile; reach out to an expert dentist because your smile is essential.

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