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Cracked teeth are not only vulnerable to breaking, but the crack can spread to the nerve and cause significant pain, thus resulting in a bigger problem. It causes a lot of pain and affects your professional and personal life to a great extent. If you have cracked teeth, waste no time; rush to the nearest cosmetic dentist in North Sydney. Your dentist can schedule a step-by-step procedure to tackle the problem so that you do not incur big bills in the future but get great results in time. Also, all it takes is one day from your busy calendar. With your cracked teeth protected with specially designed crowns on the same day using our latest technology, you will soon have your teeth restored to their natural shape.

Restoring Cracked Teeth with Dental Crowns

At KB Village Dental, our focus goes beyond merely restoring your teeth. Dental crowns provide a protective shield, revitalising cracked or decaying teeth to enable full function back onto the tooth. Experience top-quality dental procedures and solutions, tailored just for you, right here in North Sydney.

The sooner, the better

If you’re suffering from a toothache, it can often be caused by a crack in the tooth. When you have a cracked, chipped, or decaying tooth, the sooner you call a dentist to repair it, the better. Waiting too long can result in the need for costly emergency dentistry. Leaving teeth untreated when they are not structurally sound will only lead to more pain and needless suffering.

Treatment Procedure

Unlike fillings, Dental Crowns are not made in your mouth. They’re created by Dr. Evan right here at KB Village Dental using modern CEREC CAD-CAM technology and our CEREC milling machine. This means you can receive your crown during a single extended visit. The advantages are no temporary crowns, messy impression-taking, and you leave with your permanent Crown in place.

Dr. Evan will be delighted to discuss your dental concerns and the most appropriate solutions available at KB Village Dental on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

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Dental Crowns FAQs

A: At KB Village Dental, we specialise in various dental crowns made from a robust porcelain material, which offers a combination of strength and aesthetics. While at the same time, it ensures that every situation and patient preference is catered too.

A: A dental crown is a custom-made restoration that encases the entire visible surface of a tooth, improving its appearance and providing strength. Typically made from materials like porcelain, ceramic, or metal, crowns are used for cracked, discoloured, or decayed teeth.

The crowns are created by Dr Evan right here at KB Village Dental using modern CEREC CAD-CAM technology and our CEREC milling machine. This means patients can receive their crown during a single extended visit, reducing the need for multiple appointments. The advantages: no temporary crowns, no messy procedures, and you leave with your permanent crown in place.

A: Dental crowns, often crafted from porcelain, ceramic, or metal, serve as a protective shield against damage and fractures to your teeth. They address decay, cracks, and discolouration. With an impressive 95% success rate, these restorations last 10–15 years on average, making them a very cost-effective choice.

If you’re looking for longevity and peace of mind for your dental care and treatment, look no further than KB Village Dental and our dental crowns.

A: Dental crowns are a pillar of high-quality dentistry, enhancing smiles everywhere. They give your tooth a makeover and bring back its shine, all while adding strength and protection. Plus, with a longevity of 10–15 years and a high success rate, they’re a lasting choice for oral care and confidence.

A: Caring for your teeth long-term doesn’t have to come with a hefty receipt. In Sydney, a dental crown typically costs in the range of $1600-$2200, which is 20–30% lower than the national average.

It is still an investment, but considering that dental crowns last 10–15 years, it’s worth the money for over a decade of better oral hygiene, confidence, and comfort.

A: Good news! On average, dental crowns are in it for the long haul. They typically last a solid 10–15 years. Of course, with proper care and a regular check-up in your schedule, they have the potential to last even longer.

A: While dental crowns offer robust restoration, there are alternatives. These include veneers, which cover just the tooth’s front surface, and fillings for minor decays. In certain cases, dental bonding can address chips and discolouration, and dental implants or bridges might be considered for missing teeth.

Rest assured, our dentists will recommend the best possible solution for your needs.

A: During a dental crown procedure at KB Village Dental, utilising CEREC technology, once the tooth has been prepared, our digital scanner is used to scan the teeth (instead of impression material), and the crown is then designed and milled on the spot. The crown is glazed and then bonded onto the tooth, all in the same visit. 

Dental Bridge FAQs

A: A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic solution used to replace one or more missing teeth. It consists of crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap (anchor teeth called abutments) and false teeth in between, known as pontics, restoring both function and that seamless smile.

A: Dental bridges effectively fill gaps from missing teeth, anchored by surrounding natural teeth or implants. Made from materials like porcelain fused with metal or ceramics, they restore chewing function and improve the appearance of your mouth. Bridges can last over a decade with proper care and are the perfect solution for any patient seeking a natural-looking smile.

A: Dental bridges not only fill the void of missing teeth but also restore your ability to bite and chew comfortably. They prevent adjacent teeth from drifting, maintain the shape of your face, and offer a natural look and feel. A bridge can boost your confidence, resulting in a radiant smile for years to come.

A: The cost of dental bridges in NSW varies based on materials and the level of complexity, but they’re a cost-effective, long-term solution. Most dental clinics in Sydney offer the procedure for roughly $4500. Investing in a bridge ensures restored function and appearance, and with proper care, it’s a one-time expense that will serve you and your smile for years.

A: A dental bridge, with diligent care and regular check-ups, typically lasts between 10–15 years. Its longevity can even extend further when accompanied by good oral hygiene practices. Investing time in its maintenance will ensure you benefit for years, thanks to the dental bridge’s function and beautiful form.

A: During a dental bridge procedure, the abutment teeth are first prepared to accommodate crowns. Impressions are then taken to design a custom bridge. Once crafted, the bridge is checked for fit and bite alignment. After any necessary adjustments, it’s cemented in place, restoring the gap seamlessly.

A: Alternatives to dental bridges include dental implants, which are surgically fixed to the jawbone and topped with a crown. Partial dentures, which are removable, can also replace missing teeth. A combination of implants and bridges can also be considered in certain situations. The best choice depends on your individual dental needs and preferences, so be sure to discuss the details with your dentist in a consultation and ask as many questions as you need.

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