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Teeth Implants from your North Sydney Dentists – The Titanium Difference

Our knowledge of early methods used in dentistry over time is always evolving with new discoveries. Archaeologists have been chronicling our different methods of coping with dental maladies throughout human history, and it offers us a fascinating timeline.

One common issue has become obvious over this time frame. A tooth that has been lost leaves a socket behind, and our primitive replacements – with a few remarkable exceptions – simply refused to knit to the jawbone properly. We experimented with stone, wood, animal teeth, shells, and bitumen, but it wasn’t until much later that we finally found our saving grace. The answer lay in the remarkable properties of titanium.

Titanium screws now feature in every dental implant that we insert at our North Sydney practice. Their unique quality allows them to not only tolerate an existence within our bodies, but thrive – to the point that they actually encourage bone growth around the screw, through a biological process called biointegration. When inserted in to a socket, any other material will cause the bone to essentially ‘reject’ the substance, and the bone recedes. But with titanium, the bone grows around it, securing it as it does with natural teeth.

The properties of this metal are now not limited to dentistry. They are found throughout the world of implants and reconstructive surgery, and it is owed a great deal of thanks from a wide variety of patients. Dentists in North Sydney, and around the world, owe this substance many thanks for the successful insertion of dental prosthetics.

For more information on dental implants from your North Sydney experts at KB Village Dental, contact us today, and book your appointment.

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Your Emergency Dentist for North Sydney on the Importance of Mouthguards

The humble mouthguard has been around for over a century. Originally developed in Germany, they were intended to prevent lip lacerations among boxers. Their usefulness was quickly found to extend beyond this.

Roughly one-third of all trips to the emergency dentist in North Sydney is the result of a sports injury. Sports, including rugby, aussie rules, cricket and soccer, all involve enough speed and force to cause a wide range of injuries to the face and mouth. Luckily, the humble mouthguard acts as a saving grace for many sportsmen and aspiring sportsmen alike. Properly fitted and worn, a mouthguard provides protection not only to your teeth, but to your mouth, jaw, tongue, and cheeks.

Mouthguards offer impact protection from an elbow, fist, or knee, but also from the ‘snapping’ action of a jaw closing under force. This whiplash action is often enough to cause dental injuries, such as chipped teeth or cracked veneers. There is also some evidence that they can also prevent concussions, by cushioning impacts on the point of the chin.

But to reap these benefits, it is vital that your mouthguard is fitted properly. Ill-fitting mouthguards tend to get jarred loose during impacts, and can interfere with speech and breathing. This can cause the user to become reticent to use them at all. Most can be moulded to your teeth by heating them in boiling water, or by getting your dentist to mould one for you.

In the interest of preserving your teeth, they are a wise investment. As your emergency dentist in North Sydney, we are there to help if you have a dental emergency.

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The Root Canal Procedure from your North Sydney Dentist at KB Village

Root canals, in North Sydney and throughout Australia, have somewhat of a fearsome reputation. They are regarded as painful, invasive, and involving a lengthy recovery period. In the days of old, this may have been true, but medical technology moves at a good clip.

The surgery, in essence, is used to save an infected tooth. Once a cavity has allowed ingress for bacteria, the pulp within the tooth can become inflamed. This can cause pain, lead to infected abscesses below your tooth, and can lead to accompanying health problems – particularly among those already suffering from issues with their helath. The inflamed or infected pulp must be removed.

A root canal removes the infected pulp and root of the tooth with an artificial implant. Once the area is numbed, your North Sydney dentist drills down through the tooth, carefully removing the infected organic material. This is then replaced with a rubberish replacement, called gutta-percha, to fill the void.

It is important to note, then, that a root canal from your North Shore dentist doesn’t cause pain. It relieves it, and modern dentistry ensures that you are not subject to discomfort during the process. Numbing and freezing methods are able to make this dental surgery pain-free, and have shortened the recovery period considerably.

Rather than considering removing an infected or abscessed tooth, a root canal can see it maintain its place in line. For more information, contact your North Sydney dentist at KB Village Dental, today.

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Fact: Lower front teeth do not crowd because of your wisdom teeth!

One of the most common cosmetic concerns for adults as they move beyond their twenties is the crowding that they experience in their lower front teeth.

What I hear most with this common presentation is “my wisdom teeth are causing my teeth to crowd”. This is easy to believe, as in a lot of cases lower wisdom teeth are impacted in such an angle that the wisdom tooth looks as if it is heading towards the molar tooth in front and that you would expect it results in pushing on the teeth in front. However, this is just a fallacy. There are studies out there which proves that it is not the case. This is further proven by the fact that people who have had wisdom teeth removed early on before they experienced any dental crowding, or people who were born without wisdom teeth still experience this lower front teeth dental crowding in their late twenties!

Normally this crowding does not bother people until later in life when they start to lose the elastin in their skin and their bottom lip starts to drop with age, displaying less of their upper teeth and more of their lower teeth.

Having this corrected doesn’t always mean having the traditional “traintracks” put on to straighten the teeth. Invisalign is the clear/invisible and comfortable alternative which adults love, and can result in a straighter more pleasing smile.

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Wisdom teeth

People get their wisdom teeth very late, much in their adulthood. The name sounds very wise indeed, but wisdom teeth are not pleasantly welcomed by many. The wisdom teeth are the late bloomers of your teeth set and are formed at the end of your teeth set, in the back of your mouth. As they break through the gum, they can be very painful and often get impacted and cause discomfort to the entire mouth. Many a times, this impact worsens and turns infectious. In this case the dentists in North Sydney recommend to get it removed.  KB Village Dental experts treat these wisdom teeth with utmost care, should the need be felt, they are removed almost without any pain with modern equipment and anesthetic techniques.

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Your Smile is Important

Toothache and such related conditions are terrible for anyone to face. It definitely takes away your smile till you find the right dental clinic in North Sydney. When your teeth are fine and well maintained, your smile shows that same confidence. As well as when you have any concerns with your teeth, it clearly shows even without you having to open your mouth. But you are not the only one who gets affected by this. This will make you feel good, that the best dentists in North Sydney are concerned about your smile more than just the teeth. Whatever may be your concern, gums teeth, cavities, improper alignments of teeth, etc. they have solutions for everything. So, next time do not hide your smile, just reach out for an expert dentist, because your smile is important.

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Sleep Apnoea? Try the Mandibular Advancement Splint

Sleep Apnoea is a sleeping disorder that is commonly taken very lightly by many. In fact, most people are unaware that they suffer from such a condition. When you sleep your tongue muscles are relaxed and so the tonguefalls backward and obstructs your breathing pattern thereby leading to heavy snoring or cessation of breathing for a brief period of up to 10 seconds. The next morning you may just wake up with a headache, furthermore, throughout the day you may feel drowsy.Sleep Apnoea in its severe form can occur up to thirty times in an hour. Hence, one needs to obtain professional help to rectify this sleep disorder. Who better than the best dentist in North Sydney to consult with! The dental experts at KB Village will work with a sleep physician to study your sleeping patterns and may offer you solutions like the Mandibular Advancement Splint, an appliance that helps push forward your lower jaw and tongue so as to not disrupt your sleep pattern. This treatment is popularly known as the SomnoDent treatment.

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Root Canal

Root canal is a process that gets rid of the pain your problematic tooth. The pain is caused when a cavity is so deep that it touches the nerve of your tooth or if you’ve had a filling in the past that was very close to the nerve. The infection causes discomfort and pain that needs to be treated immediately as if left too late it may be so that the dentist in North Sydney may not be able to save your tooth or give you alternative solutions. Saving your teeth is vital and you should seek the advice of professionals only. The process involves removal of the infection inside the tooth before the infection spreads into and affects the surrounding bone. The experts at KB Village Dental only make use of the latest technologies that almost eliminates the pain that is usually accompanied with a root canal. Once the process is completed,you will be able to relax and enjoy eating again.. It is important to get a root canal done on time and by experts to avoid any further dental issues.

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Root Canal Treatment is no longer too painful

There is a stigma that root canal treatment is a lengthy procedure and is very painful. In the right hands, this isn’t always the case. It is best to discuss your concerns with your dentist, rather than only listen to the experiences of your friends or work colleagues as you may end up regretfully removing a tooth which may end up being more costly to replace.  Often the pain that people speak of with root canal treatment is the pain the patient presents with and not the treatment itself (which removes the pain). A root canal therapy by an expert dentist in North Sydney deals with the pain issue with great expertise. They have all the latest in equipment and utilize anaesthetic techniques available at hand to manage the pain better.

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Extraction isn’t the only solution to a painful or infected tooth

You may be tempted to order that decayed and bothersome tooth to be reomved, but dentists in North Sydney would strongly recommend that you consider retaining your tooth by having. Root canal therapy is a treatment that removes pain and infection so that you can retain your teeth.. Each tooth is arranged naturally in a specific pattern and serves an important purpose whether you can see the tooth or not!,. Root canal on the other hand, when performed by an expert dentist provides a safe way to hold on to your teeth while getting rid of the pain in the tooth. A good dentist will guide you on the different options to get back the complete functionality of your teeth post a root canal.