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Cracked Teeth to Same Day Crowns

Cracked teeth are not only vulnerable to breaking, but the crack can spread to the nerve and cause significant pain and thus result into a bigger problem. It not just causes a lot of pain but affects your professional and personal life to a great extent. If you have cracked teeth, then waste no time, rush to the nearest cosmetic dentist North Sydney. Your dentist can schedule a step-by-step procedure to tackle the problem in such a way that you do not incur big bills in future, but get great results in time. Also, all it takes is one day from your busy calendar. With your cracked teeth protected with specially designed crowns on the same day using our latest technology, you will soon have your teeth restored to its natural shape.

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Composite Porcelain Fillings

Cosmetic dentistry in North Sydney is widely popular for its latest application of ‘white’ composite and ‘white’ porcelain fillings. Gone are the days of the silver fillings which not only scarred your looks but also put your teeth at high risk of cracking and developing decay under the silver filling. Today, with the latest composite and  porcelain fillings, no one will even realize if you ever had a cavity, and you can laugh out loud confidently (with no grey showing in the back of your mouth). This is because these composite and porcelain fillings have a more natural appearance. Another upside is that they last a long time, but of course, a regular check with a dentist is a must. So, next time you go for a cavity filling, you know what to ask for.

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Award Winning Smile

Have you not envied the sparkling white smile of movie celebrities? Have you not wondered what the secret behind their award winning smile really is? Well, with good dentists in North Sydney, it is no longer a forbidden fruit for the residents of Sydney. Teeth-whitening is not a celebrity luxury anymore, and it is available for everyone today. And the best part is that it only takes an hour or soin the clinic, and you can walk out on the same day with beautiful, white and shiny smile. On a daily basis your teeth are subject to many different types of stains from the foods and drinks you consume. However with a professional clean and polish along with the latest available teeth whitening technology, an expert dentist can help you eliminate these disclourations on your teeth.

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Wisdom Teeth, Must dos

The arrival of wisdom teeth is an important stage of an individual’s dental health. It is a time when you need to consult a dentist in North Sydney for the right medical advice. Not all wisdom teeth are bad new, but the ones that don’t grow vertically, can cause a lot of discomfort. By consulting a good dentist in North Sydney, you can track the growth and ensure that it will not cause future problems. The dentist will take an x-ray to find out if there are any corrective measures to be taken which includes their surgical removal

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Let your Wisdom Teeth grow the right way

Wisdom teeth are the last to arrive of the complete set of thirty two teeth. They take time, as late as twenty five years or even as early as seventeen years. They are positioned down the back behind the second molars. Many people fall sick during the eruption period of wisdom tooth and also show many others symptoms like pain in the gums, discomfort while chewing, etc. This is because since they erupt so late, they may or may not have enough space to fit in. At times they grow horizontally, and you may not realize its effects when you are young, as your body adapts very quickly at that age, but as you grow older this may create trouble. Not only that, but there are other diseases like tumour, cysts or infections etc. that may be triggered by impacted wisdom teeth. A consult with an Oral Surgeon in North Sydney may be the best option so that your wisdom teeth can be managed with little pain as possible.

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Bad teeth? Try Veneers

If you have gaps, crowded set of teeth or any other visually bad teeth, veneers is the easiest and least painful  solution. Based on the latest technology, these veneers can be designed exclusively according to your teeth arrangement, and help you cover your imperfect teeth to give you that perfect smile. No more hiding, now you can flaunt your smile with great confidence. You may choose the best in town Porcelain Veneers in North Sydney or if you want to just try a veneer for a year, then you may start with a Composite veneer. Porcelain veneer would be more beneficial for you as it is a long term solution and needs less maintenance. It is a onetime  investment for a lasting smile. Do not forget to first try the temporary look the dentists will give you until you finalize on the permanent set. This process hardly takes two weeks, but you can enjoy the benefits for more than two decades.

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Porcelain Veneers and Composite Veneers


Why wait any longer for that beautiful smile you have always dreamed of…?


Just within a couple of weeks, you can see yourself smiling at the mirror, not wanting to stop.


You will be surprised to find yourself at the centre of attention with that amazing smile with Porcelain Veneers from North Sydney Dentist – Dr. Evan Soulos.

Dr. Evan, from KB Village Dental at North Sydney is in great demand for Smile Makeovers.

Porcelain Veneers, are preferred by most patients as they are a long term solution which requires less maintenance. Even though it costs double that of composite veneers – they are likely to last you around twenty five years unlike Composite Veneers.

Composite Veneers are preferable as a cost effective alternative because they would need a little more care and maintenance than your porcelain veneers.

For more information call our North Sydney Practice Manager at KB Village Dental on (02) 9964 9166

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Dental Veneers are in the latest list of high end solutions for that perfect smile. However bad your teeth may look, if you’re searching for Dental Veneers from a North Sydney Dentist – KB Village Dental can help you!


You do not have to hide your smile any more.


Talk to us about this simple process and what we can achieve together –  what you once thought was impossible, having a perfect smile, will be made possible!

Being a dentist in North Sydney, Dr Evan Soulos from KB Village Dental offers you temporary veneers that you can try before you decide on your permanent look.

You have peace of mind in being able to alter the look of your temporary veneers until you decide on your permanent ones. In as little as two weeks you will be wearing your real set of veneers and dazzling new smile that will last up to. another 10 or 20 years.

If you maintain your Dental Veneers they will last even longer. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your faulty teeth stop you from smiling. Rediscover that confident smile through xthese high quality veneers from KB Village Dental – located right in the heart of North Sydney.

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Are your breaking teeth making you feel like you’re falling apart?

Kb-Village-Dental-Bad-Teeth-200x300Do you suffer from breaking teeth problems? It is very likely that it is caused by the amalgam filling that you had years ago. Amalgam fillings, also known as “silver” fillings have been used for over a hundred years by dentists all over the world to fill a decaying tooth to protect it from further damage. What they never tell you about is the hazardous metallic composition of the dental amalgam and the long term effect it has on your tooth.

A dental amalgam is an alloy of multiple metallic elements like mercury, tin, silver, copper and other metals. This has been the most widely used dental restorative material around the world.

These metals present in the amalgam become unstable over time and undergo corrosion, releasing a number of harmful metallic compounds, which disturbs the integrity of the tooth. Also, since the fillings are made of metals, they expand and contract with change in temperature inside the mouth, and over time, it results in the breaking of the tooth and further decay. The cracks that develop can cause severe nerve pain and in some cases can split the tooth in half! Over the years, more and more dentists have come up with strong opinions against the use of amalgam fillings. Even the WHO has taken a stance against the use of mercury in dentistry, which was very remarkable, because there were many who vehemently supported the use of amalgam fillings.

Now, you can set yourself free from the risky amalgam fillings, as there are a number of non-toxic alternatives available with any affordable dentist in North Sydney. If you go to a reputed (or reputable?)  dentist in North Sydney, you can get your cracked and broken teeth fixed in a single sitting with amazing tooth-coloured ceramic fillings that aredurable and have no harmful effects. The biggest complaint from patients is that they are embarrassed to laugh with their unsightly silver amalgam fillings. With composite porcelain fillings, you would not notice any sign of filling, and you can confidently laugh aloud once again.

If you have amalgam fillings that are causing your teeth to break, make the decision right away to switch to safer alternatives that are available with every good dentist in North Sydney. If your dentist recommends a dental filling, make sure that you choose an alternative filling material like ceramic (porcelain) or composite resinthat are both safer and aesthetically pleasing.