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A close up of a young woman's symmetrical and bright white teeth


Veneers are thin porcelain (or composite resin) shells that we bond to the front of your natural teeth to restore their healthy appearance and improve the appearance of your smile, enhancing or even changing the colour/and or shape of the teeth to suit your desired outcome.

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A close up of a woman pulling invisalign out of her teeth

Invisalign® Teeth Straightening

We’re able to provide patients who require teeth correction with Invisalign clear braces. These invisible braces are both comfortable and very discreet.

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A dentist holding a faux tooth up to a woman's smile for comparison

Dental Crowns

We offer tooth-coloured crowns which give you a long lasting, beautiful smile. We are able to prepare and install your crown in one convenient visit, which means no more temporary crowns with multiple visits.

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A family of all ages hugging and smiling with teeth

Family Dentistry

Our dental health requirements change throughout all stages of life and at KB Village Dental, Dr Evan treats all family members- no matter what their ages or dental needs.

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A close up of a woman clutching the sides of her mouth

Root Canal Therapy

If a tooth becomes painful or infected, we can often treat the problem without removing the tooth itself. This procedure is called Root Canal Therapy and despite the stigma often associated with this procedure- it can spare you from more serious pain from letting the infection worsen in your mouth.

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A close up of a woman's teeth

Teeth Whitening

If you’ve always wanted a whiter, brighter smile, ask about our one visit whitening process or our customised professional take-home kit which will give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

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A woman sleeping peacefully next to her male partner

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a common sleeping disorder which will commonly result in frequent waking during the night and daytime sleepiness. Dr Evan is able to guide you through obtaining a proper diagnosis and subsequently assist in your treatment by constructing an oral appliance called mandibular advancement splints to ease your lower jaw and help you get a good night’s rest.

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A dentist's mirror held up to a woman smiling and showing bright white teeth

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Our composite and porcelain fillings are designed to match the colour and natural appearance of your teeth. So when you smile, laugh or yawn- no more silver or black fillings will be visible.

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A young brunette woman holding the side of her face in pain

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are among the last teeth to come through in the back of your mouth and they don’t always need to be removed. Dr Evan will assess you and take a specific x-ray to advise if they need to be removed to avoid ongoing discomfort.

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A close up of a young woman flossing her teeth

Dental Hygiene & Cleaning

We offer two solutions to our patients to help them achieve a better smile. Firstly- through the education of better oral hygiene practices through brushing, flossing and changes in diet. Secondly- with professional teeth cleaning appointments, so we can remove any plaque and tartar build up you can’t get to at home with your regular cleaning.

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A young blond woman smiling and showing off her white teeth

Smile Makeover

At KB Village Dental we believe that every patient and every smile has a unique story, situation, and desire. Every day in our North Shore practice, we meet people who feel uncomfortable with their smiles.

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