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One of the most common cosmetic concerns for adults as they move beyond their twenties is the crowding that they experience in their lower front teeth.

What I hear most with this common presentation is “my wisdom teeth are causing my teeth to crowd”. This is easy to believe, as in a lot of cases lower wisdom teeth are impacted in such an angle that the wisdom tooth looks as if it is heading towards the molar tooth in front and that you would expect it results in pushing on the teeth in front. However, this is just a fallacy. There are studies out there which proves that it is not the case. This is further proven by the fact that people who have had wisdom teeth removed early on before they experienced any dental crowding, or people who were born without wisdom teeth still experience this lower front teeth dental crowding in their late twenties!

Normally this crowding does not bother people until later in life when they start to lose the elastin in their skin and their bottom lip starts to drop with age, displaying less of their upper teeth and more of their lower teeth.

Having this corrected doesn’t always mean having the traditional “traintracks” put on to straighten the teeth. Invisalign is the clear/invisible and comfortable alternative which adults love, and can result in a straighter more pleasing smile.