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Teeth whitening is among the most common procedures that we perform for our patients here in North Sydney. It is a quick and easy method of brightening your smile and encouraging a youthful visage, and thousands of Sydneysiders partake in it every year. However, questions often arise about its level of safety.

One of the reasons for this is due to the fact that many practices do not recommend such a procedure for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. This has given people the misconception that these procedures could be harmful, but this is not true. This recommendation is purely precautionary. There is no evidence that teeth whitening is harmful.

That said, teeth whitening must be done properly. Excessive use of hydrogen peroxide gels or too many applications can result in tooth sensitivity, as the chemical must penetrate in to the enamel to provide a lasting colour change. Sensible uses of this procedure are the best guard against such problems.

Combining whitening procedures with basic tooth care is a great method of ensuring your teeth will not suffer from teeth whitening. Starting with clean teeth, as stain-free as possible, will help the procedure to take hold and operate to its fullest potential.

Teeth whitening for North Sydney, when done properly, is a risk-free method of gaining a whiter, brighter smile, one that you will be more tempted to flash throughout your day. To find out more about our various methods of whitening your smile, give us a call.