Dental Crowns

Cracked teeth are not only vulnerable to breaking, but the crack can spread to the nerve and cause significant pain and thus result in a bigger problem. It not just causes a lot of pain but affects your professional and personal life to a great extent. If you have cracked teeth, then waste no time, rush to the nearest cosmetic dentist in North Sydney. Your dentist can schedule a step-by-step procedure to tackle the problem in such a way that you do not incur big bills in future but get great results in time. Also, all it takes is one day from your busy calendar. With your cracked teeth protected with specially designed crowns on the same day using our latest technology, you will soon have your teeth restored to its natural shape.

Restoring Cracked Teeth with Dental Crowns

If you’re suffering from a toothache, it can often be caused by a crack in the tooth. When you have a cracked, chipped or decaying tooth- the sooner you call a dentist to repair it, the better. Waiting too long can result in the need for costly emergency dentistry. Leaving teeth untreated when they are not structurally sound will only lead to more pain and needless suffering.

Unlike fillings, Dental Crowns are not made in your mouth. They’re created by Dr Evan right here at KB Village Dental using modern CEREC CAD-CAM technology and our CEREC milling machine. This means you can receive your crown during a single extended visit. The advantages: no temporary crowns, no messy impression taking, and you leave with your permanent Crown in place.

At KB Village Dental on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, Dr Evan will be delighted to discuss your dental concerns and the most appropriate solutions available

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