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Our knowledge of early methods used in dentistry over time is always evolving with new discoveries. Archaeologists have been chronicling our different methods of coping with dental maladies throughout human history, and it offers us a fascinating timeline.

One common issue has become obvious over this time frame. A tooth that has been lost leaves a socket behind, and our primitive replacements – with a few remarkable exceptions – simply refused to knit to the jawbone properly. We experimented with stone, wood, animal teeth, shells, and bitumen, but it wasn’t until much later that we finally found our saving grace. The answer lay in the remarkable properties of titanium.

Titanium screws now feature in every dental implant that we insert at our North Sydney practice. Their unique quality allows them to not only tolerate an existence within our bodies, but thrive – to the point that they actually encourage bone growth around the screw, through a biological process called biointegration. When inserted in to a socket, any other material will cause the bone to essentially ‘reject’ the substance, and the bone recedes. But with titanium, the bone grows around it, securing it as it does with natural teeth.

The properties of this metal are now not limited to dentistry. They are found throughout the world of implants and reconstructive surgery, and it is owed a great deal of thanks from a wide variety of patients. Dentists in North Sydney, and around the world, owe this substance many thanks for the successful insertion of dental prosthetics.

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