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Sleep Apnoea is a sleeping disorder that is commonly taken very lightly by many. In fact, most people are unaware that they suffer from such a condition. When you sleep your tongue muscles are relaxed and so the tonguefalls backward and obstructs your breathing pattern thereby leading to heavy snoring or cessation of breathing for a brief period of up to 10 seconds. The next morning you may just wake up with a headache, furthermore, throughout the day you may feel drowsy.Sleep Apnoea in its severe form can occur up to thirty times in an hour. Hence, one needs to obtain professional help to rectify this sleep disorder. Who better than the best dentist in North Sydney to consult with! The dental experts at KB Village will work with a sleep physician to study your sleeping patterns and may offer you solutions like the Mandibular Advancement Splint, an appliance that helps push forward your lower jaw and tongue so as to not disrupt your sleep pattern. This treatment is popularly known as the SomnoDent treatment.