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Root canal is a process that gets rid of the pain your problematic tooth. The pain is caused when a cavity is so deep that it touches the nerve of your tooth or if you’ve had a filling in the past that was very close to the nerve. The infection causes discomfort and pain that needs to be treated immediately as if left too late it may be so that the dentist in North Sydney may not be able to save your tooth or give you alternative solutions. Saving your teeth is vital and you should seek the advice of professionals only. The process involves removal of the infection inside the tooth before the infection spreads into and affects the surrounding bone. The experts at KB Village Dental only make use of the latest technologies that almost eliminates the pain that is usually accompanied with a root canal. Once the process is completed,you will be able to relax and enjoy eating again.. It is important to get a root canal done on time and by experts to avoid any further dental issues.