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When Your Teeth Need to Be Realigned Straighten Them Invisibly with Invisalign™

family dentist north sydneyWhen it comes to traditional orthodontic treatments, Invisalign™ Lading putting in Invisalign tray is the favorite choice for wearers who want to feel comfortable and inconspicuous in public places. Best of all, the procedure is easy, relatively fast, and comfortable—and the results are relatively invisible short term and fabulous long-term!

Invisalign™ is perfect for straightening your crooked teeth, correcting bite irregularities and mild relapses after braces are removed.

The Procedure

family dentist north sydneyPatients who choose Invisalign visit our dental office at KB Village Dental to have intra-oral photographs and one set of impressions taken. We use these to create a computer-generated illustration of how patients’ teeth can be migrated little by little to reach their optimal position inside each patient’s mouth. This illustration is the blueprint we use to design the plastic, custom-fitted aligners.

When the Invisalign™ aligners are ready, we show each patient how to use and clean them and at all other times. This aligner is comfortable, easy to wear, and it corrects by gently and gradually moving teeth into the desired position over time.

Invisalign™ is perfect for patients who love to look great and smile!

So, if you’re now ready to transform your smile the comfortable, invisible way, and if you live in or near North Sydney, visit our unique boutique setting to see how Invisalign™ looks and works up close for you.

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