Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the most common dental surgeries across North Sydney.

Your teeth rest on your upper and lower jaws, and missing teeth leave a socket in the bone. When the tooth departs, the bone has nothing to knit to, and it is slowly degrading. This, over time, can lead to health problems and alter the shape and look of your jawline.

Modern dental implants in North Sydney incorporate a titanium screw inserted into the jawbone. This substance is biologically benign, so the bone knits around the screw, securing it and shoring up the bone. After six months, the screw is ready to bear the weight of the tooth, and your new tooth is installed, matched to the colour and look of the rest of your teeth.

The Titanium Difference

Titanium screws now feature in every dental implant we insert at our North Sydney practice. Their unique quality allows them to tolerate an existence within our bodies and thrive – to the point that they encourage bone growth around the screw through a biological process called bio integration. When inserted into a socket, any other material will cause the bone to essentially ‘reject’ the substance, and the bone recedes. But with titanium, the bone grows around it, securing it like natural teeth.

The properties of this metal are now not limited to dentistry. They are found throughout the world of implants and reconstructive surgery, and it is owed a great deal of thanks from a wide variety of patients. Dentists worldwide owe this substance many thanks for successfully inserting dental prosthetics.

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