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Root canals, in North Sydney and throughout Australia, have somewhat of a fearsome reputation. They are regarded as painful, invasive, and involving a lengthy recovery period. In the days of old, this may have been true, but medical technology moves at a good clip.

The surgery, in essence, is used to save an infected tooth. Once a cavity has allowed ingress for bacteria, the pulp within the tooth can become inflamed. This can cause pain, lead to infected abscesses below your tooth, and can lead to accompanying health problems – particularly among those already suffering from issues with their helath. The inflamed or infected pulp must be removed.

A root canal removes the infected pulp and root of the tooth with an artificial implant. Once the area is numbed, your North Sydney dentist drills down through the tooth, carefully removing the infected organic material. This is then replaced with a rubberish replacement, called gutta-percha, to fill the void.

It is important to note, then, that a root canal from your North Shore dentist doesn’t cause pain. It relieves it, and modern dentistry ensures that you are not subject to discomfort during the process. Numbing and freezing methods are able to make this dental surgery pain-free, and have shortened the recovery period considerably.

Rather than considering removing an infected or abscessed tooth, a root canal can see it maintain its place in line. For more information, contact your North Sydney dentist at KB Village Dental, today.