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Wisdom teeth are the last to arrive of the complete set of thirty two teeth. They take time, as late as twenty five years or even as early as seventeen years. They are positioned down the back behind the second molars. Many people fall sick during the eruption period of wisdom tooth and also show many others symptoms like pain in the gums, discomfort while chewing, etc. This is because since they erupt so late, they may or may not have enough space to fit in. At times they grow horizontally, and you may not realize its effects when you are young, as your body adapts very quickly at that age, but as you grow older this may create trouble. Not only that, but there are other diseases like tumour, cysts or infections etc. that may be triggered by impacted wisdom teeth. A consult with an Oral Surgeon in North Sydney may be the best option so that your wisdom teeth can be managed with little pain as possible.