Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is the treatment of an infected tooth whereby the nerve inside the tooth is dying or has died. The infected and necrotic nerve tissue becomes inflamed and can cause the patient significant discomfort. This can lead to infected abscesses below your tooth and accompanying health problems – particularly among those already suffering from health issues. The inflamed or infected pulp must be removed.

The discomfort associated with Root Canal Therapy typically only occurs at the first visit when the dentist begins removing the infected tissue. However, these days, there are numerous ways to significantly reduce (and in many cases almost eliminate) the discomfort that used to be associated with this procedure. At KB Village Dental in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, Dr. Evan uses the latest technology to make your procedure as fast, easy and comfortable as possible!

Benefits of root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy removes the inflamed nerve tissue and infection, and then the tooth is medicated for some time. Following that, once the problem has been deemed successfully eliminated, a root filling is placed to seal the end of the root.

If you’ve been suffering from an infected tooth, you will quickly feel better after Root Canal Therapy. Then, a final restoration will be placed to restore your tooth’s ability to function like new again.

While some think removing the problematic tooth is a better solution, Dr. Evan (and the dental profession) begs to differ. Removing a salvageable tooth can ultimately be more costly, causing functional problems that are generally not as easily fixed. Your teeth were designed to last a lifetime. Saving them wherever possible is our priority. Root Canal Therapy is an essential part of dentistry, which has progressed and developed over the years with new equipment, techniques and products.

a patient undergoing root canal therapy
root canal therapy explained
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Root Canal Treatment is no longer too painful.

There is a stigma that root canal treatment is a lengthy and painful procedure. In the right hands, this isn’t always the case. It is best to discuss your concerns with your dentist rather than only listen to the experiences of your friends or work colleagues, as you may end up regretfully removing a tooth that may become more costly to replace. Often, the pain that people speak of with root canal treatment is the patient’s pain, not the treatment itself (which removes the pain).

Root canal therapy by an expert dentist in North Sydney deals with the pain issue with great expertise. We have all the latest equipment and utilize anaesthetic techniques available to manage the pain better.  Numbing and freezing methods can make this dental surgery pain-free and considerably shorten the recovery period.

The Process

A root canal removes the infected pulp and root of the tooth with an artificial implant. Once the area is numbed, we drill down through the tooth, carefully removing the infected organic material. To fill the void, this is replaced with a rubberish replacement called gutta-percha.

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