Our Vaunted Corporate Dental Plan | North Shore Dentistry

At KB Village Dental, we know that a happy workforce is also a healthy one. Keeping your staff fit and enthused contributes directly to their productivity, and helps them to avoid absences for sickness or injury.

Good oral health is a notable contributor to overall health. But city living in Australia is among the most expensive in the world, and along with our busy schedules, sometimes trips to the dentist can be delayed or ignored. This is why we offer our corporate dental program. This unique method allows your workforce access to our top-flight services, at a great discount.

We partner with a variety of businesses around the city, and through this partnership, offer entire workforces great discounts on a huge variety of dental treatments, right from our practice on the North Shore. By providing these discounts, we can help to encourage healthier smiles and better health across your base of employees.

To take advantage of this offer:

1. See if your company is part of our program
2. Contact us and schedule your appointment. Remember to mention your association with the corporate dental program
3. We will contact your HR department, to check on your employment status
4. When your treatment has concluded, your bill will include a corporate discount. The remainder is your responsibility

Does your business have an interest in joining the corporate dental program, and improving the health and well-being of your workforce? Simply leave us with your corporate information and contact details, and a member of our staff will be in touch shortly.

Terms and Conditions

  • When scheduling the appointment, patients must mention the program
  • Discounts are only available to employees of partnered companies
  • Any outstanding payments not covered by the program are the responsibility of the patient
  • We at KB Village Dental reserve the right to terminate our association with any company

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